Alternate Logbook Locations

On your Mac, you have the option to open a logbook file form an alternate location or move your default logbook database to a different location. This can be helpful if you want to open an alternate logbook or if you want to move your main logbook to a Cloud storage location (such as Dropbox).

NOTAM: Never have LogTen open on multiple Macs at the same time if sharing a single file using a Cloud-based service. They are unable to accurately merge changes from both sources together, and the file may become corrupted.


Opening a Logbook in an Alternate Location

When you open LogTen it opens the logbook in your default location. If you want to open a separate logbook file in an alternate location this can be done on the Mac app by using the Option key.

 1. Hold down the Option key while you open LogTen and a file window will appear:


2. Select a folder that contains a LogTen database file titled LogTenCoreDataStore.sql 

In the screenshot example above, you would select Desktop because that is the folder that contains your database file. Then you would select Open.

Note: all LogTen database files must be titled LogTenCoreDataStore.sql in order for the application to recognize and open the file. Additionally, since you do not actually select the database file (you only select the folder containing the file) there can not be 2 files in the same folder with the same title. 


Changing the Default Logbook Location

It is possible to change the default location of LogTen. This allows you to open the logbook from any location without having to use the Option+Open method described in the above section. Changing the default location is a 2 part process.

Step 1: Move the LogTenProData folder

  1. Make sure the app is closed by choosing File >> Quit or pressing Command + Q
  2. Open a Finder window
  3. Select the Go menu at the top of your screen, and choose Go to Folder..
  4. Copy & Paste the following into the text box under Go to the folder: 
  5. In the Document folder is another folder titled LogTenProData. This folder contains all information important to your logbook, including all images.

  6. Move the LogTenProData folder to the location you would like to keep it.

Step 2: Set the new location as the default


  1. Hold down the option key while you open LogTen, and a file open dialog will appear (as seen above).
  2. Find and select the LogTenProData folder you recently relocated
  3. Select the Options button at the bottom left of the screen to reveal the Remember this location button.
  4. The next time you open LogTen, it will automatically open from the new location.


  • Remember this location is required for iCloud Sync to be available. It is not possible to use iCloud sync when simply using Option + Open to open your LogTen logbook.
  • If left unchecked, iCloud Sync will be completely disabled until LogTen is re-opened from its default location. If iCloud Sync is currently set up with a different logbook, it will continue syncing properly the next time it is opened.
  • If iCloud Sync is currently active, and a different file is opened with Remember this location checked, iCloud Sync will be restarted with the new file.


If you changed the default logbook location and then want to change it back to the original default location that is possible by reversing the steps.

  1. Option+Open LogTen
  2. Select the Options button in bottom-left of the file window
  3. Hit **Reset To Default** and then tap the "Yes" button in the dialog box pictured below



Your logbook will now open from its original default location!

Note: Keep in mind that reset the location your logbook opens from does not move the data from one location to another. It will simply open a different file in a different location. To keep the same data you will need to move the file s described in "Changing the Default Logbook Location" above.


If you have any questions at all please Contact our Support Team and we will happily assist.

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