How do I Track Flight Review (BFR) Currency?


Need to know when your Biennial Flight Review (BFR) is due? In LogTen Pro it's easy. In fact, no matter when your flight reviews are due, you can track them in LogTen Pro, and easily keep track of how many days you've got until it's "that time" again.


Quick Instructions

  1. Create a new Currency Group
  2. Name it "BFR"
  3. Set the "Entry is in the last" to "24 Calendar Months"
  4. Set the criteria to Notes -> Flight Review -> is -> [tick the box]
  5. Click OK

Shortcut Click on this link to install the pre-configured group! BFR

The Detailed Instructions

We need a smart group much like the default currency groups. Click the "+" icon at the lower left of the main window to create a new Currency Group. Now in this case we'll set it up for a biennial flight review, but you can change the time frame as desired.

Now that you have the group, give it a useful name, like "BFR", and set the "Entry is in the last" to 24, then select "Calendar Months" in the menu.


  • We specify it in Calendar Months because it will reflect the most accurate representation of when your last Flight Review is about to expire. Remember that the date increment also effects granularity, meaning that if I selected 2 years, and today was 11-Dec-2006 then the group would match flights back to 1-Jan-2003 because it's looking for WHOLE years. The same applies to months, which is important if you need to track something, say total time within the last 12 months rolling from the first of the month to today.*

Set the criteria to use the "Notes" category, then the "Flight Review" field (a.k.a. "key"), since this is a checkbox field the only option for the "operator" is "is". Now simply tick the box to indicate we're looking for flights which have the Flight Review check box ticked.

Note: You may need to enable the Flight Review field in order to have it visible and available to select on the appropriate flight(s). Check out our articles on How to Configure your LogTen Pro logbook fields for instructions on getting this enabled on Mac & iOS

That's it, click OK to close the Currency Group editor sheet.

Entering a Flight Review

Now you've got a group to track them, all you need to do is select the flight when the review took place, and tick the "Flight Review" box on the Notes tab.

Now whenever you have a flight review, just tick the box, and your currency will stay, well, current!

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