Tracking Goals with LogTen Pro


Working on Your ATPL? Flight Instructor?

No matter what you're working toward, with LogTen Pro it's easy to keep track of your goals.

How do I accomplish this you ask? It's easy, all with the magic of Smart Groups. Here's how:


[This example tracks a goal of 50 hours of Cross Country PIC/P1 time for flights over 50 nautical miles.]

You basically set your target, and any additional criteria, and start tracking! Create a new group for each of your targets, then you can see next to each the hours remaining until you reach the limit or "goal". These values will update every time your document is first opened and whenever you click on the group.

In the above example we don't specify anything for the date range so it will look at all our flying. If we want to set a goal for a specific time period, you can specify a date range. e.g. I need to log 20 hours in the sim next month... Or maybe I need to log 10 hours of dual received in any given 6 month period, the possibilities are endless.

On an iOS device, you will need to navigate to the Radar tab of your logbook, tap "Analyze" and then the "+" symbol to create a new Smart Group. Once you have done this, tap on the newly created Smart Group to edit. Similarly, here you set your target and tap "configure" to add criteria and start tracking.



For more guidance on setting up Smart Groups, see Harnessing the power of Smart Groups on LogTen Pro for iOS, or Harnessing the power of Smart Groups on LogTen Pro for Mac.


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