Merge Duplicate Items (Mac only)

Duplicate items can occur in the Types, Aircraft, Places, and People tabs, but they can easily be merged with the original item without losing any of the flight data associated with them.

On Mac:

  • Select the desired tab (i.e. ‘People’ or ‘Types’)
  • Select one, hold the command key and select the others


  • Select "Logbook" from the app menu at the top of the screen
  • Select "Combine Selected Entries"


Read the message that pops up and make sure you understand that the items will be combined. This can't be undone.


NOTAM: You may need to run the Repair Logbook File tool under the Help menu to help complete and view the merge.

Open LogTen X on your Mac and click: "Help" then "Repair LogBook File" in the toolbar at the very top of your screen.

It is good to run this every once in a while!

On iOS:

  1. On the tab containing the duplicate item, rename the duplicate so that you can easily search for it in your logbook (e.g. add “Duplicate” to a person’s or type’s name; change a place’s ICAO to “DUPE;” etc.)
    • TIP: Choose the item with the fewest flights associated with it to be the duplicate.
  2. Go to the Logbook tab and search for the duplicate item by typing the duplicate word you used (e.g. DUPE). The search field is at the top of the screen on iPhone/iPad.
  3. For each flight, replace the duplicate with the correct item.
    • Use the auto-complete function to ensure that no additional duplicates are created.
  4. Return to the tab that you are removing duplicates for (i.e. ‘Aircraft’ or ‘Types’) and tap on the duplicate. Verify that you see 0 flights associated with the duplicate item (scroll to the bottom of the resource to see the number of flights. Once the duplicate has no flights, you can simply delete it!).
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