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Starting in the  7.5.8 release, LogTen Pro contains an important change to Currency and Limit groups. In prior versions of LogTen Pro, Currency and Limit groups configured with an In Next time period could result in unintuitive differences between the group results and the graph. To remedy this, the In Next capability was removed from Currency and Limit groups in order to improve consistency and reduce confusion across devices.

Please take this chance to review all of your Currency and Limit group configurations. For instructions and examples, please continue to the Mac and iOS sections below.

Note: This change only applies to Limit and Currency groups. Smart groups still allow use of the In Next ability


Currency and Limit Group change examples

Prior to the 7.5.8 update, it was possible to use the And flight is in the next field to configure a Limit or Currency group to include future entries in their results. Below is an example of the how the default 28 Days Limit group appears before and after the 7.5.8 update. You will notice that the And flight is in the next field has been replaced with "This type of group does not include future entries."


This previous ability may have led to the groups considering a larger period of time than desired. For example, consider a group is configured to calculate entries 28 days in the past, and 24 hours in the future. This configuration results in period of time which is 29 days long, and results would appear overly conservative. In 7.5.8, this group will no longer calculate the future 24 hour period.

Another group configuration affected by this change is if the correct time period of the group was split between Flight is in the last /  And flight is in the next. Consider a group set to calculate a 7 day time period, looking back 6 days days, and forward 24 hours. In 7.5.8, this group will no longer look forward, and so the Flight is in the last value will need to be adjusted from 6 to 7 to preserve the desired 7 day time frame.


If you have not yet updated to 7.5.8, now would be a good time to browse your Limit and Currency groups and adjust them if needed. Any Limit and Currency group (Smart groups do not apply) with a value in the And flight is in the nextfield should be set to 0 Hours.

Other Resources

For a complete description of Smart, Currency and Limit groups see the following articles:

Tip: This may be a good time to review the differences between Consecutive, Calendar, and regular time frames. Days will be used in the following examples but Hours, Weeks, Months, and Years work identically.

  • Days (regular) will look back in multiples of 24 hours from the current time. For example, if it's currently 1647 PST, 1 Day will look back to 1647 PST yesterday.
  • Calendar Days looks back to the beginning of the previous day, so 1 Calendar Day looks back to 0000 yesterday or "one calendar day ago", regardless of the current time. 0 Calendar days would include only the current day.
  • Consecutive Days allows a group to specify a certain amount of time that will automatically reset the group to zero.
    • Note: Consecutive Days should only be used for the reset functionality
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