Class: Helicopter?


You may be wondering why you don't see a Helicopter option in the Class attribute of your Aircraft Types. This is because of the way the FAA categorizes Rotorcraft, and doesn't distinguish between Multi-Engine and Single-Engine rotorcraft.

Many logbooks separate Single-Engine and Multi-Engine time into their own sections, and LogTen Pro knows to place time appropriately by checking if that entry's Aircraft Type is a Single-Engine or Multi-Engine aircraft. Because we still want your helicopter time to be logged in these reports, LogTen Pro doesn't abide by the exact FAA terminology for aircraft "Classes."

Instead, any Aircraft Type configured as Category: Rotorcraft, and Class: SEL/SES/MEL/MES will be considered a helicopter. This also allows you to actually track your SE and ME helicopter time separately (unlike the FAA classifications)!

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