How To Download Previously Purchased Versions of LogTen

Every version of LogTen you have purchased is available to re-download from the App Store, even if it is a previous version that is no longer available for sale.

How Can I Download Purchased Apps?

Instead of searching in the regular list of apps, there is a special Purchased section in the App Store app that contains all of your previously purchased applications available to re-download.

  • On Mac, open the App Store app, and select the Purchased tab and select your Account icon in the bottom-left.
  • On iOS, open the App Store app, select your Account icon, then Purchased.
Cannot Find Previous Purchase?

There can be a few reasons that a previous purchase may not be showing up in the Purchased tab of the App Store:

  • Hidden Purchases: A misclick or mistap may have accidentally hidden your purchase in the past. See these links to help find and unhide any applications that may have been hidden:

  • App Store Country/Region Changed: App Store purchases are tied to the region in which they were originally purchased. If you have moved countries or changed your App Store region since your purchase, it will not be available to re-download in the new region. You will need to change back to your previous region to re-download an app:

    • On Mac, open the App Store, and scroll down to the bottom of any tab. You will see a round button containing a flag icon. Click this, and you can select a different App Store region.
    • On iOS, see this page for instructions on changing your App Store region: Change App Store Region
  • Refunded Apps: Applications you requested a refund on through Apple are removed from your purchase list.

  • System Incompatibility: You may be running an Operating System that no longer Supports your previous purchase.
Still Having Trouble?

Apple retains all customer payment and sales information, so our ability to help further in this area is limited. If you are still encountering trouble, please contact Mac App Store Support or iOS App Store Support. They are usually very quick and helpful!

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