System compatibility issues using LogTen Pro 6

LogTen Pro 6 was designed for iOS 5 and Mac OS 10.7 “Lion” back in 2011 and was retired about 4 years ago when it was replaced by the newest version of LogTen Pro, which is a continuously updated logbook platform. The new version was introduced in 2014 and is designed to fully support the latest operating systems and devices. If you continue to use version 6, we will always do our best to support you and answer any questions you have, however it is no longer being updated, so there are a growing number of known issues if you try to use it on systems introduced after it was retired in 2014. While we no longer test version 6, here is a partial list of issues we are aware of that may affect you:
  •  **LogTen Pro 6 will not work on iOS 11 or later**
  •  Wifi sync with iPad is NOT supported and could lead to data loss
  •  iCloud Drive is not supported
  •  Flights can no longer be locked in iOS 10 and many "switch” controls (like Pilot Flying) do not save as expected
  •  It’s not possible to configure fields on iOS 10, E.g. you can't add the Dual Given time field if you don't already have it, and if you do, you won't be able to remove it.
  •  You may see display issues with the from and to fields on the Mac
  •  In some rare cases the groups on Mac may display in minutes, rather than hours
  •  You may see blank criteria for smart groups
If you're interested in upgrading to the newest version of LogTen Pro, now is a great time! You can learn all about how to upgrade here: Upgrading to the new LogTen Pro.
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