Printing a Logbook from an iOS device in LogTen Pro 6


LogTen Pro 6 uses a simple web service that allows you to print your logbook from any computer. Here is the process:

  • Generate any logbook report on your device.
  • Tap ‘Share via’ and enter your email address.
  • You will be sent a special email containing a link to access your report.
  • Access your report through any browser (Google Chrome is recommended).
  • Print or save the logbook as a PDF to create a hard copy.

NOTAM: We have been informed that @hotmail, and @live servers are blocking emails originating from our ISP. Please send your reports to another email address until they are able to correct this problem, such as an @gmail or @icloud account. Sorry for this inconvenience!


LogTen Pro contains over 60 standard logbook formats from around the globe, as well as a variety of summaries, graphs, and other reports on your logbook. We recommend exploring the different logbook formats in the Reports tab, and generating some of the different options so you know what’s available!

Select any report you want, and tap the Generate button!



After generating your report, you can browse through it on the device. If you want to save the report and access it off of your device, you will notice a button in the upper right hand corner labeled "Share via"


Press the "Shave via" button, enter your email address and press "Email."


Your report will be sent to our sever, and you will be notified that your report has been successfully uploaded. It's best to ensure your device has a strong internet connection so that your report can be successfully uploaded to our sever, especially if you have a large logbook.



Within minutes you will receive an email message from Coradine Aviation Systems with a link from which you can access your report. If you don’t see it in your inbox, be sure to check your spam folder as well!


Once you click the link your report will open directly on your default browser. This link is randomly generated and is only accessible from the email. Once you have printed your report (or saved it) you can delete it from our server via another link provided in the email. If you do not delete your report it will automatically be deleted from our server in 7 days.

You can print from the File menu of your browser or you can save it as a PDF from the print window of Safari by selectingPDF >>> Save as PDF.

Tip: Select the proper orientation before generating the report.



On a PC?

If you are accessing your logbook reports on a PC, we suggest using Google Chrome to access them. Different web browsers may render these documents differently, but Chrome usually provides great results. Chrome also contains a built-in "Save as PDF" function, and allows you to easily manage the margins, and headers and footers of the page. All of these options are available in Chrome's print dialog:


Happy logging (and printing)!

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