How do I Track "Day" Flight Time?


What? You don’t want to subtract your night time from your total time with a calculator? You've already recorded both of those, so let LogTen Pro do the rest!

Every step of the way with LogTen Pro is designed to save you time with data entry. LogTen Pro uses Total Time and Night as the foundation for logging your flights. Any time that isn't Night must be day, and LogTen Pro keeps track of this in the background by default, simply calculated as Total Time minus Night time. LogTen Pro treats seat time the same way, so always remember that PIC is Total PIC, and Dual Rcvd is Total Dual Rcvd.

If your preferred logbook Report format uses separate Day and Night, or P1 Day and P1 Night columns (such as Canadian, South African, and Australian formats), LogTen Pro manages all of this in the background, calculating and displaying the appropriate day and night values when you need them.

Tip: To make logging your time even easier, just enter your Out and In times for your flights, and your Total Time and Night time will be calculated for you!

For most flights, Total Time will be equal to the total seat time (e.g. PIC, SIC, Dual, etc.), and total Night time will be equal to the seat night time, so specific seat day and seat night times are unnecessary. For example, consider a flight entered as:

Total Time = 2:00
Night = 1:00
PIC = 2:00

LogTen Pro automatically tracks 1:00 of PIC Night in the background, and calculates PIC Day as PIC minus PIC Night.

Other Night Circumstances

LogTen Pro does contain certain other night time fields for use in special situations. These are specific to certain times, such as PIC Night, Dual Rcvd Night, XC Night, etc. which may not always be equal to the total Night time. These special night options are for use in long-haul or military operations where multiple seat times may be logged, or where the logged time is less than the total time of the flight.

In these cases, there is no way for LogTen Pro to know how it should allocate any Night time between these multiple seats automatically, so the different seat time and night time of each needs to be entered manually.

Consider a flight logged half as PIC, and half as SIC:

Total Time = 2:00
PIC = 1:00
SIC = 1:00

Now let's also add Night during part of the flight, and this time was flown as PIC:

Total Time = 2:00
Night = 0:45
PIC = 1:00
PIC Night = 0:45
SIC = 1:00
SIC Night = 0:00

PIC & SIC add up to the Total Time, and PIC Night & SIC Night add up to the total Night time.

Tip: Always enter Total Time and Night time first (or have them calculated from Out and In), and then the seat time. Make any adjustments to the seat Night fields afterwards if necessary!

Don't hesitate to contact us via a support request if you need any further assistance!

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