Calculating Total Time with LogTen

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LogTen has a few ways to calculate Total Time, giving pilots more flexibility. Total Time calculations can be based on Out/In, Hobbs (Hobbs Out and Hobbs In), Tach (Tach Out and Tach In), Off/On, and Taxi Start /Taxi Stop.

  • Just to review, LogTen defines Out as block out or off blocks time, Off as time of takeoff, On as time of landing and In as block in or on blocks time.


On the Mac app go to Preferences > General to find the different options for calculating Total Time:


On the iOS app go to More > Settings > Time Calculations to find the different options for calculating Total Time:


Of course, you always have the option to manually fill in Total Time as well. You can also manually overwrite any time that is calculated automatically if needed. 

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