LogTen 6 and iOS 11 or later FAQ’s

What is going on with LogTen 6 and iOS 11 or later?

LogTen 6 was designed for iOS 5 and Mac OS 10.7 “Lion” back in 2011 and was retired about 3 years ago when it was replaced by the newest version of LogTen, which is a continuously updated logbook platform. The new version was introduced in 2014 and is designed to fully support the latest operating systems and devices. If you continue to use version 6, we will always do our best to support you and answer any questions you have, however it is no longer being updated, so there are a growing number of known issues if you try to use it on systems introduced after it was retired in 2014.

More specifically, iOS 11 (released mid-September 2017) or later was designed to run apps that were built using 64-bit architecture. LogTen 6 was built using 32-bit architecture and therefore cannot run on devices that have been upgraded to iOS 11 or later.

Why was LogTen 6 retired?

Besides the obvious reasons of wanting to overhaul LogTen and include tons of new features, we wanted to make it so you never had to be surprised by an update, or wonder what the next release might cost. We wanted to be able to deliver each new feature to customers as we finish them, rather than having to save them all up for one big release to get them to upgrade so we could afford to start work on the NEXT big release. We wanted to future proof pilot's logbooks, so no one would ever get into the situation of having logbook software so old that when they got a new computer or device, they couldn’t open their logbook anymore, kind of like having your favorite video of your child on a video format that can’t be played anywhere, and then you have to go through some complicated steps to digitize it or update it to the latest format and get a new player, etc. Finally, as the number of customers we have continues to grow we have to constantly grow our staff to support them - whether via technical assistance, or research and development to keep compatibility with new systems and add features that pilots need to make the software better.

Our new pricing model addresses all these concerns: we are thrilled to be able to offer a free download for both LogTen for Mac and LogTen for iOS, then a single annual subscription. If you stop paying you still have full access to your data; you can view, make changes to existing flights, plan, analyze, back up, receive updates, and run reports. Even if you just want to export all your data and stop using LogTen Pro, you can do this on the latest hardware and systems because you will always get the new updates for free. We can release new features as they’re ready, and be more open. Now everyone can benefit from the power of the Mac version for things like schedule importing, editing multiple flights at once, building custom reports, etc. as well as the incredible convenience of logging your flights on your iOS devices and effortlessly having them sync everywhere via iCloud, all for a price that’s actually cheaper on a yearly basis, and MUCH cheaper for the initial purchase. For our existing v6 customers, the exclusive Founder pricing will allow you to receive a significant discount on the subscription price not just once, but each year that your subscription renews!

If you're curious to know more about why we switched to a subscription model, I invite you to check out this blog post written back in 2014 by Noah, our CEO, and Founder: Subscriptions: Building the Future.

Where can I find the new LogTen and subscription info?
  • Click here to download LogTen for Mac
  • Click here to download LogTen for iOS
  • New user subscription info can be found on our website here. Existing version 6 user subscription info can be found within the new LogTen app itself.
    • In the Mac app, click on the LogTen drop-down menu >> Preferences >> Store
    • In the iOS app, tap on the More tab >> Settings >> Store
How to I upgrade from version 6 to the new LogTen?

Since LogTen 6 cannot open on devices that have been upgraded to iOS 11 or later, please check in the iOS App Store for a special update that will allow you to install our new Data Transfer Utility, which will automatically help you upgrade.

If needed, you can also contact support directly and attach your logbook file from within the Data Transfer Utility.

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