What to do if LogTen Crashes?

Any app may crash and shut down on occasion. If this does happen, we want to figure out what went wrong and fix the issue as soon as possible!

If you experience anything more than an occasional crash, it can be tremendously helpful to send us crash logs from your device. Please be sure to let us know as much information as possible about what you were doing when the crash occurred (i.e. what you were editing, selecting, etc). Although we are sent some logs automatically, there is no context to go along with them, and this context is often the key to fixing problems.

To retrieve crash logs:

Directly from iOS Device

  • Open the Settings app
  • Navigate to Privacy >> Diagnostics & Usage (or Analytics) >> Diagnostics & Usage Data (or Analytics Data)
  • Select the latest LogTen crash from the list
  • Copy the contents of this crash, and paste it in a support request here

From a computer

  •  When you see a crash, click "Report" when prompted, then copy and paste all the text available in the crash log window paste it in a support request here 

We will collect the data and help diagnose what is causing your issue.

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