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LogTen Pro is the world's premier electronic Logbook. We have been helping pilots with safe, legal, and efficient record keeping since 2003. Our passion is to make life easier for pilots.

If you’re new to LogTen Pro, the best place to start is by taking our LogTen Pro Ground School 101 Course Here...

Another great resource is our Youtube channel which contains Video Tutorials and guided tours of both LogTen Pro for Mac and LogTen Pro for iOS. On the tour you’ll learn how to customize LogTen Pro to best meet your needs, best practices, tips for saving time when entering historical data, as well as an overview of many of LogTen Pro’s powerful features.


LogTen Pro is free to download and use up to 250 hours of logged Total time. You can download both of our apps in the App Store here:
LogTen Pro for iOS

LogTen Pro for Mac

In order to download LogTen Pro, you must be using an Apple Device and you must be on the current or previous macOS or iOS. See the download system requirements here: System Requirements for download

Log Flights and so much more...

Of course, you can log your Flights in LogTen Pro but you can also log:






Currency & Limit Group Tracking

LogTen Pro's Smart Groups allow you to filter and track an unlimited amount of data including Tracking Currencies & Limits

Over 100 Professional Reports

Whether you need to get ready for an interview or you want to print and bind your entire career, LogTen Pro has the Report you need.

Take a tour of the app

Take a tour of the iOS app

Take a tour of the Mac app





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