mccPILOTLOG Import instructions


We are able to convert most users of mccPILOTLOG software. You may try the steps below or send us your MCC Pilot Log backup and we'll take care of the conversion for you. Conversions are offered as a complimentary service.

Exporting your logbook from mccPilotLog

  1. Open your logbook in mccPilotLog software
  2. Go to the Query page (F3)
  3. Press the search key (F10) to show all records
  4. Press the EXPORT button for a XLS (Excel) or CSV (Comma Separated Values) file to be saved to the desktop. If you will be importing the data yourself into LogTen Pro please choose the CSV option.


If you are importing your data by yourself

Check out this Knowledge Base article: Importing your Data to LogTen Pro

Let us migrate your mccPILOTLOG logbook to LogTen Pro for you!

Please send us your exported logbook (.csv file) by starting a new discussion here.

If you have flight entries or other data in the new LogTen Pro that should be saved, please send us your current logbook file first. Instead of importing your data to a new file, we will add it to your existing logbook, and send back the complete data set.

  • On the iPhone or iPad, go to the More tab, select Help, and tap Contact Support.
  • On the Mac, go to the Help menu, and select Contact Support.

Enter your email address (it may automatically populate from your account), and select the send logbook for testing option. Please also include a short note about the data import in the message box, so our staff will know what the request is referring to. Hit Send and it will send a message to our support center with a copy of your logbook file attached.

After sending the file, please refrain from making further changes or additions, since the complete logbook we send back will need to replace the logbook file in the app. Finally, let me know you have sent your logbook in a reply here so that I'll receive the message directly. I'll retrieve your file, import your data, and send back your complete logbook soon.


Don't worry, if you get stuck, we're happy to help! We understand that the process of migrating your data from one format to another can be a challenge, and we want to be sure you get everything working perfectly in LogTen Pro.

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