Installing a Logbook from Support

This page provides step-by-step directions on installing a logbook file sent to you from Coradine Support.

Before Installing a Logbook...

NOTAM: Installing a new logbook completely replaces the logbook file on a device, and deletes the original. Please ensure you have a backup of your current logbook before continuing. See this page for details: Backup Options

Installing a Logbook from Support

  1. You will have received a link to install your email one of two ways:

    - A link pasted into the existing discussion

    - A separate email containing the link from Coradine support with the subject "LogTen Logbook Ready for Download". Be sure to open this email on one of your devices with LogTen installed.

    If you do not see it, be sure to check any junk or spam folders. The sender will be and filters sometimes catch no-reply@ addresses like this.

  2. Open this email on one of your devices with LogTen on it, and

  3. Click the link to access the install page in Safari (other browsers may or may not work properly).

  4. On the install page, click the appropriate link to download and install your logbook to a Mac or an iOS device.

  5. LogTen will open, and ask you to confirm that your existing logbook will be replaced with the new logbook. Choose Yes, and LogTen will automatically download and install the new logbook.

Afterward, Send New Logbook to Other Devices

In some situations, it may be important that each of your LogTen Pro apps also downloads this new logbook to avoid syncing with any older data. This process will replace the logbook files on your other devices, so please be sure that the new file contains your complete logbook before continuing. As always, backup your logbook first if there is any question.

If you have been directed to install the new logbook to your other devices by a support team member, please be sure to complete the following steps.

There are two strategies for installing the new logbook to your other devices, depending on whether you will use iCloud Sync or WiFi Sync.

  • If you plan on using WiFi Sync between your devices, please repeat the same install instructions as above to install the logbook from the email to your other devices.
  • If you plan on using iCloud Sync, you can push the new logbook file to iCloud, and download it to each of your other devices. Continue on to the next section for step-by-step directions.

Transferring New Logbook via iCloud

  1. After installing the new logbook, start iCloud Sync on the same device:

    • If iCloud Sync was already active, the next alert will automatically appear. Continue to step #2.
    • If iCloud sync is not enabled, on Mac, go to the Preferences menu >> Sync tab. Or on iPhone or iPad, go to More >> Settings >> Sync. Select Sync Using, and change it to iCloud.
  2. You will be presented with three options for continuing: Replace from iCloud, Merge with iCloud, Restart iCloud Sync. Choose Restart iCloud Sync. This sends the new logbook to iCloud, ignoring any older logbook data that might already be there.

    If you are not presented with these options, you do not have any other logbook data in iCloud yet. Continue to the next step.

  3. Open LogTen on another device, and download the new logbook from iCloud Sync:

    • If the device already has iCloud Sync enabled, it will be notified that your first device restarted iCloud Sync, and asked how to continue. Select Download Logbook to download the new logbook from iCloud to the app.
    • If iCloud Sync is not yet enabled, turn it on from the Sync settings screen, and you will be presented with the same three options as in step 2. This time, download the newly installed logbook from iCloud by selecting Replace from iCloud.
  4. Once the download finishes, the device is also automatically ready for iCloud Sync! One at a time, repeat step 3 for each of the other devices with LogTen.

    Tip: It helps to wait a few minutes before adding the next device. iCloud will often take a few minutes to transfer files to other devices, and the process will be smoother when a device has all of the latest data from the other devices already configured for iCloud Sync.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems, please do not hesitate to reply to the support team member who has been helping!

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