How to iCloud Sync



  1. iCloud Drive must be enabled on your device. If it is not, or you have any questions about the process, see Apple's step-by-step walkthrough: iCloud Setup.
  2. Your devices must be on the same iCloud account, so make sure you are signed in to the same Apple ID on all devices.
  3. Open LogTen and enable iCloud Sync:

On a Mac, select the LogTen menu, then Settings >Sync > Sync Using > iCloud


On an iPhone or iPad, select Account > Settings > Sync > Sync Using > iCloud


If this is your first device being added to iCloud Sync, everything is set up for this device! All changes you make will now be sent to iCloud automatically. You should be all set!


If you have had other LogTen apps syncing with iCloud in the past, you'll be alerted that there is already logbook data in iCloud, and you'll need to choose how to finish setting up iCloud Sync.

In order to start transferring changes, LogTen needs to be sure that the data in iCloud and the app on your device are in complete agreement so you will be presented with these four options:

  • Replace from iCloud will download the logbook data in iCloud to your device. Please note, the existing logbook in the app will be deleted and replaced with a copy of the logbook in iCloud.

  • Merge with iCloud will combine the current logbook with the existing logbook data in iCloud. Any new entries in either logbook will be copied to the other, and for entries that exist in both places, the most recently changed copy will be synced.

    Because the entire logbook needs to be compared, merging with iCloud can take some time, especially with larger logbooks. The process usually takes a couple minutes for each 1000 flights but can take longer depending on how many images exist in the app.

  • Restart iCloud Sync re-establishes iCloud Syncing with only the logbook from this device, and any existing logbook data in iCloud will be ignored. When LogTen next comes online on your other devices, each will be notified that the first device has restarted iCloud Sync and asked to rejoin iCloud Sync. You will be given the option to Download the logbook of the device that restarted iCloud Sync or Merge the existing logbook with data from that device in iCloud.

  • Cancel will change your sync setting within LogTen back to what it was before you enable iCloud sync with no changes. Just in case you are not sure which of the other 3 options to select.

If you have a question about how to continue, see Common iCloud Sync Problems

After your logbook download/merge/restart completes, you're all done! All changes will automatically be transferred between your other devices through iCloud.



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