How to WiFi sync - Mac to iOS


This article describes how to WiFi sync LogTen Pro using:

  • Mac - iPhone

  • Mac - iPad

Note: Mac - Mac is not possible. To sync Mac - Mac you will need to use iCloud Sync


  1. First, make sure that both devices are connected to the same wireless network. Then open LogTenPro on both devices, and keep them active during this process. LogTen Pro must be open and visible on each device in order for then to recognize each other.
  2. Next, make sure each devices Sync settings are set to WiFi:

On Mac go to LogTen Pro > Preferences > Sync > Wi-Fi



On your iPhone or iPad go to More > Settings > Sync Using > Wi-Fi


     3.  In the Logbook section on the Mac, select your device under Devices on the bottom left sidebar.


     4.   Click Pair, and type in the 4 number code that appears on your iPhone/iPad


     5.   The Pair button will change to Sync Now. Select this to Sync.




If you encounter any problems with the other device not showing when first pressing the sync button please try this troubleshooting guide 

For the visual learners, we have short video tutorial on YouTube. Check it out here!



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