Common WiFi Sync Problems


Are you operating LogTen Pro 7 or later on all your devices?

    If not, you will need to upgrade so that all devices are running at least 7 or later. LogTen Pro 7 and later cannot sync with older versions due to differences in the data structure.

Do you have WiFi syncing enabled on all your apps?

On the iOS apps go to More->Settings->Sync and ensure that WiFi is enabled. On the Mac go to the LogTen Pro menu->Sync and ensure that WiFi sync is enabled.

Do you have LogTen Pro open on both devices?

Here are instructions on syncing between iPads and iPhones


Here is a video for Mac to iPhone/iPad syncing

Are your devices all on the same network?

It is not uncommon for mobile devices to drop the home network signal and join the cellular network or join a nearby network without you knowing. On your Mac click on the WiFi signal in the upper left to check which network you are connected to. On the iOS devices go to Settings->General->Network. Please ensure that you have a WiFi signal in the upper right of your iOS device, even if you are connected to a network, your device will not sync unless you see the WiFi signal.

Are you using a hotel or public Network?

Hotel networks block certain ports used by LogTen Pro for syncing which will not allow you to sync. If this is the case, it is possible to create your own private network for syncing if you have a Mac computer. Please see our How to Create a Computer-To-Computer Network article.

Is your device not showing up under "DEVICES" on the left hand column of LogTen Pro OR on the iPad under the "Sync" menu?

Updates to iOS and OS X, or re-installing LogTen Pro can sometimes prevent WiFi Sync from starting correctly. A hard reset of your devices will usually fix this:

  • On Mac, go to the Apple menu and select Restart.

  • On an iPhone or iPad, hold down both the Power and the Home button until the device turns off and the Apple screen appears, and the device will restart.

If your iOS device isn't showing up under the devices tab on the Mac try right clicking on DEVICES and select "Refresh." Next open and close LogTen Pro on your iOS device and then try refreshing again back on your Mac. If the device is still not showing turn off bluetooth and switch airplane mode on and then off. Then back on your computer try to refresh again.


Are you sure your iPad/iPhone on the correct network?

The iPad is known to be stubborn when it comes to showing itself as available from within LogTen Pro, even if it shows as being on the correct network it sometimes will not show as available to sync from within LogTen Pro. This technique will sometimes force LogTen Pro to show as available. Go into the Settings page of your device and turn Airplane Mode to ON.

Then turn On WiFi and ensure your device joins the desired network.
Continue with trying the sync process by opening LogTen Pro on both devices
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