Using Firewalls or Anti-Virus Software


If you use a firewall utility or anti-virus software on your Mac on your Mac, please ensure that the “UBD” process is able to access any requested addresses. UBD is the system service that handles the movement of iCloud data and blocking it will prevent iCloud Sync from working properly in LogTen Pro and potentially all other apps that use iCloud.

Utilities may try and block the following from being accessed, but we strongly advise you to allow UBD to access whichever services it requires, as Apple may add new capabilities (or use new addresses) for iCloud in the future:

  • Allow any connection to domain
  • Allow any connection to domain
  • Allow port 80 and 443 for UBD
  • Allow port 80 for domain

Any app that uses iCloud relies on iOS and macOS to sync your data between your devices and iCloud itself. If OS X or iOS encounters any problems while syncing then it may prevent changes being synced between your devices.

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