Common iCloud Sync Problems


“Please Enable iCloud” even though iCloud is turned on OS X 10.10 or later.

  • iCloud Drive must be enabled on all of your devices to sync using iCloud. If you are using a work provided device it is possible iCloud Drive has been disabled. If you are using an older Operating System you might not have iCloud Drive. iCloud Drive was introduced after  such as iOS 8 and   OS X 10.10 Yosemite,

“Confirm Your Subscription/Coradine Account”

  • Your app may need the subscription restored or you may need to be logged into your Coradine account. To learn how to create an account, please see this page: Creating a Coradine Account. To restore your purchase, you'll need to be logged into your Coradine account then go to Settings/Preferences >> Store and hit the "Restore Purchase" button.

For Mac users, the Coradine Account was added in version 7.4. If you have recently updated you will need to follow the steps in the link above

"Unable to Start iCloud Sync" after multiple attempts

  • If the message says "An error occurred while validating your logbook with the existing data in iCloud..." there may be a small error in your logbook due to an incompletely removed entry. please Contact Support from the Help tab to have this issue corrected.

Stuck at "Merging with logbook in iCloud..."

  • Depending on your logbook size, this process usually takes just a couple minutes, but may be closer to 15 minutes if you are starting iCloud for multiple devices which have large logbooks. Even if you previously used WiFi Sync with them, the full sync is required to verify all entries.

"Ready for iCloud!" appeared, but the data from the logbook doesn't appear on my other devices.

  • Wait at least 15 minutes. The data added to iCloud needs to be uploaded to iCloud, then your other devices need to wait for iCloud to deliver the changes, and finally, process them.
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