In App Backup

LogTen’s backup functionality provides the ultimate safeguard for your valuable flight data. Every action is automatically backed up inside your Coradine account.

You can also manually create backups in-app. These backups act as restore points in your timeline but do not take up any space on your device. So feel free to mark as many points in time as you like!  

Access the Backup Menu

  To access this feature on an iPhone or iPad app, go to the Logbook → Backup.


  On the Mac, the Backup menu can be found in the top right of the application window.


Create a Backup 

You can create a new backup by tapping the "+" button in the Backup screen.  You can create as many backups as you wish.

New in 2023.4,  you can label your backup!

Simply click the created backup to re-label it.


Restore From a Backup

If you ever need to restore your logbook from a created backup, choose the backup then select Restore. 


  •    On iOS, Restore can be found by swiping the backup to the right
  •  On Mac, Restore can be found in the bottom-right of the backup page
Legacy Backups

LogTen users before our 2023.3 release will see a folder titled Legacy Backups. This folder contains all the backups that you had before the new release. These backups still exist in their previous locations, iCloud or DropBox, however, since LogTen is not connected to those services anymore the restore functionality no longer works.
These backups can be exported via email, or deleted, but it is not possible to restore directly from them in the app.

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  • Okay but this doesn't explain how you restore a legacy backup. My entire logbook was wiped when I updated to the latest version and now I can't restore from the legacy backup. So how do I do that?

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  • Hi james.gedling

    If you need data from a Legacy Backup you can send it to our support team and they can help. Share the backup with yourself and then send the attachment you get to our support staff.

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