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LogTen's InApp Backup feature allows you to create backups instantly within the app. The backups are saved within the cloud and can be restored anytime if needed. You can choose two between 2 cloud services to store your data, iCloud or Dropbox. You can keep your data in one or both locations! 

Access the Backup Menu

To access this feature on the iOS app, go to the More > Settings > Backup.


Choose a Backup Service

On the top tabs, you will need to designate where you want your backup to be stored. iCloud or Dropbox. Both these locations are cloud-based so they are recoverable if you ever lose your device.



  • iCloud = The data will be stored in your iCloud Drive account associated with the Apple ID you are currently logged into on your device. This iCloud data is completely separate from iCloud Sync. Note: you must have LogTen enabled within your Apple ID iCloud Drive settings. This can be found in iOS Settings > Personal Profile > iCloud Drive.


  • Dropbox = The data will be stored in your Dropbox account. If selected, when you try to create a backup you may be re-directed to your iOS Dropbox app if you are not already linked on your device. If you have linked a  Dropbox account and need to change it to another Dropbox account, then you will need to do so via the preferences on their website. Click on [Your Name] > Settings > Connected apps. LTP should show up there and can be disconnected. After that, restarting LTP and going to the dropbox backup screen should show the 'welcome' screen again and allow you to connect it with a different account.


You can configure which Backup Services display by selecting the 3 slider icon at the top-right of the backup menu. This action will not delete any backups. If a backup service is deselected from displaying, the backups will still exist in that location even though the service is not visible.


It is not possible to add an unlisted backup storage location. iCloud and Dropbox are the only available options currently.

Create a Backup

Once you have selected a location for your backup, you can create a new backup by tapping the "+" button at the top-right.


You can create as many backups as you wish. The only limitation is your storage available within your selected cloud service, iCloud, or Dropbox.

Restore From a Backup

If you ever need to restore your logbook from a created backup, choose the backup from the menu, then select the Restore button on the right side of the backup. 


An alternate method of restoring your backup is to swipe from left to right on the backup, and the Restore option will be available.


When a logbook is restored via a backup, LogTen automatically creates a new backup of your existing data before replacing the data with the backup.

Export, Share, or Delete a Backup


You can email a copy of your LogTen Backup to yourself or anyone else. Choose an existing backup and then swipe from left to right and tap on the Share option. 


If you ever want to delete a backup, just swipe it to the left and a red Delete button will appear.


You can then choose a variety of methods such as email, airdrop, etc which you can use to send the backup to yourself or anyone else.

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