Configuring Your Logbook in iOS


Configuring what data is visible 


LogTen Pro is loaded with hundreds of data fields. Nobody wants to see all of them all the time. You can customize your app to choose what fields are displayed.

Open any flight in your iOS logbook, and tap the 3 blue dots (Action button) at the top right of your screen, then select Configure fields. Next, go through the different sections and tap Configure Section for each section and then turn on any of the criteria fields that you need displayed.

Also, while in this "Edit Mode" you can rearrange the fields within their section by pressing and dragging the "triple equal" symbol on the right of the row.

When you're done configuring a specific section, hit Back which will take you back to the original detail view for the flight and then repeat the process for the next section you would like to configure.

You only have to do this on one flight and then all of this criteria will also display for all of your other flights when they're opened in detail view.


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