EASA Max daily Flight Duty Period (FDP) (OPS 1.1105)



The maximum basic daily FDP is 13 hours, these 13 hours will be reduced by 30 minutes for each sector from the third sector onwards with a maximum total reduction of two hours. There is also an exception allowing a 1 hour extension. The Duty/Rest Bar is the best way for a pilot to see their "live" flight duty time.

The Duty bar shows the current scheduled duty period time as 10 hours and 50 minutes. Assuming no schedule changes, the current duty day would comply with the maximum flight duty period limit assuming a 3 sector day. Under "Duty Period" you can see an elapsed time of 2:32 and a time remaining of 8:17 for a planned duty day of 10:50.


The Duty/Rest bar, while on flying duty, will also show the planned rest opportunity for the evening. In the above example the "Planned Rest" period is 11:22. As long as the scheduled Off Duty time is not exceeded by 1:22 the required rest period of 10 hours will be in compliance.

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