FAR 117 Rest Requirements



The rules require that no crew member may accept an assignment unless given a rest period of at least 10 consecutive hours prior to duty.

The amount of rest between each duty period is now easily discernible in the New LogTen Pro Time Loupe feature on the Plan page of the Radar tab:


It is important to note that Rest periods are predicated on the On Duty/Off Duty fields (and not the FDP fields). By filling out your Off/On Duty times for the day LogTen Pro will automatically calculate your Rest Before Duty and use this time on the New LogTen Pro timeline showing if you have legal rest.

Finally, LogTen Pro now allows you to track the following requirement:

Before beginning any reserve or FDP assignment, the flightcrew member must have received a 30 consecutive-hour rest within the past 168 consecutive hours that precedes the beginning of the FDP.

To set this up, click the + button and create a new Currency Group, then configure in the following manner to allow you to show the remaining hours until another 30 hour rest period is required.

30 hours consecutive rest in 168 hours:

Alternatively, you can download the Currency Group here.


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