About LogTen Subscriptions

With a LogTen subscription you'll always have the latest version of LogTen, fully supported on the latest hardware and operating systems so your logbook can grow with you as you upgrade. LogTen can be used without restrictions, until you have logged more than 250 hours of total flight time. After which, a single in-app subscription is required to add new flights, and sync your logbook to other devices. You can select between monthly or annual options, and choose a Mac-only, iOS-only, or a Mac & iOS subscription to give you unlimited access to the LogTen platform; the world's most advanced pilot logbook, with effortless syncing, and continuous updates and improvements. Even if your subscription lapses, you can always download the latest app updates, and you will always have full access to your logbook data, where you can view, edit existing entries, generate reports, export, and print.

Before you purchase a subscription, you will need to Create a Coradine Account.

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