Troubleshooting Sync

LogTen 'Lightning' introduces a new way of syncing which happens automatically.

If Sync is not working as you expected, this article will guide you through some steps which may help resolve the issue you're having.

Are all your devices running LogTen 'Lightning'?

The new sync feature requires all your devices to be running the 'Lightning' version of LogTen. A device running Lightning will not sync with a device running a version before Lightning. Click here to learn how to manually update to LogTen Lightning in the App Store


Are all your devices running the most recent version of 'Lightning'?

We have released a few updates to Lighting since the initial release which include various improvements. Try updating all your devices to the most recent version of LogTen. Click here to learn how to manually update LogTen in the App Store


Are you using a VPN or Hotel WiFi?

If you are using a VPN, try turning that off. If you are using hotel WiFi, those can be notoriously spotty. If you're able to, try going to a different connection such as a cellular connection or a non-public WiFi.


Have you left LogTen open for a sufficient amount of time?

LogTen does not sync in the background. This means that each time you open LogTen it connects to your account and downloads any new data to your device. Sometimes this process could take a minute or longer. If sync is not working as you expected, be sure to open LogTen and leave it open in the foreground for 2-5 minutes.


Have you Restarted LogTen or your device?

Try completely closing LogTen and starting it again. On iOS devices you must "swipe up" on the app to close it completely. You could also try restarting your entire device.


Understanding the sync menu

The sync menu in Logten will give you both Upload and Download status. It's important to note that they may display different times. For example, if you enter data on one device, that device would show a more recent Upload status but might not show a recent Download. That is because there is no data to be downloaded. Conversely, if you have a device that mostly receives data then it might only show a recent Download status but not any recent Uploads.

If you are entering data on your device and the Upload status is not updating, make sure you are connected to the internet.




And of course, if you are still having an issue please don't hesitate to Contact Support from LogTen on that device by choosing 'Contact Support' under the Account/Help menu.

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