LogTen 'Lightning'


The LogTen team has been working hard on our latest update and we're excited to announce the release of LogTen Lightning! 

What's Included?

  1. Improved backend infrastructure and enhanced backup - With LogTen Lightning, your logbook data will be connected through LogTen servers to your Coradine account. This means your irreplaceable flying life will be backed up automatically. You'll still be able to create backups manually, and your data will also continue to be held offline on any device you use with LogTen... extra, extra, extra redundancy – at your service.


    With LogTen Lightning, you'll also be able to name your backups. Giving you an easier and more organized way to keep track of what happened when, and revert to it instantly if needed.


  2. Improved Sync - Using multiple devices? This update makes LogTen sync across all your devices almost instantaneous. Check it out... Lightning fast! Update to the Latest OS!

LogTen Lightning Sync.gif



LogTen Lightning signifies a transformative shift for your logbook experience. Not only does it enhance backup and sync performance today, it paves the way for exciting features and improvements in the future. If you have not yet updated, you can do so in the App Store using the below links.

For more info and answers to common questions, see our articles:

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