Automatic Sync

Using multiple devices? LogTen's sync across all your devices is almost instantaneous.

Starting in LogTen 2023.4, all data is linked to your Coradine account and syncing will be automatic and continuous. When you are Online (connected to the internet) and logged into your account, syncing is happening.

Open LogTen and your data appears ... voila!

Since syncing is now automatic and continuous, there is no set-up required. The only setting to choose is how you want images to sync. Depending on your data plan, WiFi Only, or WiFi & Cellular. 

IMG_F7DFEE9F40E0-1.jpeg       Screenshot 2024-02-03 at 6.44.29 PM.png

In the Sync menu,  you can check the sync status. It will let you know if you are Online or Offline and when LogTen "Last Uploaded" or "Last Downloaded" data to/from your account. To find the sync menu on iOS go to Logbook > Sync. On Mac, you can find it in the top-right of the application window.

If you only enter data on one device it might not show a recent "Last Downloaded" as data is only being Uploaded on that device. Conversely, devices that only receive synced data might not show a recent "Last Uploaded" as it is only Downloading data.

If you are Offline, no need to worry, you can continue to use the app as normal. Once you are Online again all changes will be synced to your account. If you choose to sync Images via WiFi only and you add or delete images while not on WiFi, those too will be stored and then synced when you next connect to WiFi. If sync gets interrupted, the progress will continue when you are next connected.

For answers to any additional questions you may have about syncing please see our New Sync & Backup FAQs article. 


For some basic troubleshooting see our article here: Troubleshooting Sync

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