How to Migrate your data into the new Sync & Backup

You're just a few short steps away from improving your LogTen experience!

LogTen’s improved sync and backup functionality provides the ultimate safeguard for your valuable flight data. Complete the quick and seamless data sync process to unlock these features, including higher performance syncing across devices, and the ability to name your backups for better organization. This can be done in 3 easy steps:

1) When the data sync welcome screen comes up, choose 'Continue'

2) Confirm this device has your most up-to-date logbook

3) Choose how you want to sync your images and then choose 'Upload Now'


If you use LogTen on only one device

Migrating should be as simple as the steps listed above since all your data is on the device you are using.

If you use LogTen on multiple devices

You will want to initially migrate with your most up-to-date logbook. In case you need to verify, we have built-in multiple jumping-off points (I'll set it up Later and Learn More) which will defer the migration process.

Once you are ready to continue migrating your data, simply restart your application. On iOS you may need to completely close your app by swiping up and then restarting.

Migrating on your subsequent devices

If you use LogTen on multiple devices, after you migrate your initial device, your subsequent devices will ask you to sync to your account. 


During the final migration stage, each device will make a legacy backup of your pre-migration data. And then migration is complete!


I'll Set it up Later / No, this device is not up to date

While the migration should not take more than a minute or two, sometimes life is busy! That is why we built in several options to allow you to defer the process of moving your data into your account to later.

Note that previous methods of Sync and Backup are no longer available in LogTen 2023.4 Lightning, you can continue to use LogTen but the data on any device not updated to 2023.4 Lightning will not sync to your account.

Once you are ready to continue migrating your data, simply restart your application. On iOS you may need to completely close your app by swiping-up and then restarting it.

Learn More

Selecting this option will take you to our LogTen 2023.4 'Lightning' FAQs article.

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  • Migrated my iPhone. iPad is not asking to sync to my account. How to get this to start?

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  • Hi landis

    We often do a slow release in the App Store. This means some of your devices may not show an update available while others do. You can always update your devices manually but searching LogTen and opening the App Store page for the app. You should see an "Update" option.

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