LogTen 'Lightning' FAQs

General FAQs

One of my devices did not update and I don't see an update available in the App Store?
How do I update to lightning?
How does offline access work?
Being a team of Pilots ourselves, we know that an Internet connection is not always available if you’re flying, or reliable if staying in a hotel overnight. LogTen can deal with this critical aspect by caching the logbook data locally on your devices, allowing you to use LogTen without any restrictions while offline. When an internet connection becomes available, LogTen will sync those changes to your Coradine Account, making them available on all of your devices. This seamless online-offline transition is designed to ensure that your logbook is always available and accurate, regardless of where you are in the world (or what Flight Level you’re flying at!)
Where/How is my data stored?

Your data is safely encrypted and stored on our servers. Your data is also stored locally on each device using LogTen.

Are there any redundancies?

Many on the LogTen team are pilots ourselves, and understand first-hand the importance of data integrity - it is our top priority! Rest assured there are multiple redundancy measures to ensure your data remains safe and secure.

Sync FAQs

For more info about Syncing see our Automatic Sync article.

I updated to Lightning, why are my devices not syncing?

When one device updates to the new 'Lightning' app, all your devices need to update for them to sync. You can check what version your devices are using on iOS by going to Settings > About. On Mac, select the LogTen menu in the top-left menu bar of your computer while the app is open then About LogTen. If one device is not using Lightning you can manually update it in the App Store

How does sync work?

Your logbook data now lives in your Coradine Account and will be synced in real-time, ensuring that all of your devices are always up-to-date. As the data is now linked to your Account, adding a new device has never been easier, simply login to your Coradine Account, and your logbook will be there.

Can I force a Sync?

LogTen's advanced syncing infrastructure automatically updates your data in real-time, eliminating any need to force a sync. Your logbook data will be updated in your account whenever you make changes, ensuring it's available on all your devices instantly. For added peace of mind, you can confirm the sync status in the Sync section of LogTen found in the Logbook menu on iOS and at the top right of the application on Mac.

Wait, I thought my logbook was already stored in the cloud.
Historically, logbook data was stored locally in your devices and any backups that were created. iCloud/Wi-Fi were used to sync the most up-to-date logbook on your devices. Your logbook is now linked to your Coradine Account, and backups are created automatically and can also be created manually, giving greater access and flexibility.
Can I still use iCloud Sync or Wi-Fi Sync?

The process of upgrading your logbook to be linked to your Account makes it incompatible with previous methods of syncing. With LogTen Lightning, data will always sync in real-time, directly with your Coradine Account, on our servers.

Backup FAQs

For more info about Backups see our LogTen Backup article.

How do I create a Backup?

While backups are created automatically in your account, you can create an in-app backup by tapping the “+” icon in the Backup section. For easy identification, you can even label them; for example, “Logbook pre-interview”, or “2023 Audited Logbook.

How do I restore from a Backup?

If you ever need to restore your logbook from a manually created backup, choose the backup then select Restore.

  • On iOS, Restore can be found by swiping the backup to the right
  • On Mac, Restore can be found in the bottom-right of the backup page

What is a Legacy Backup?

LogTen users running 2023.4 or later will see a folder titled Legacy Backups. This folder contains all the backups that you had before the new release. These backups still exist in their previous locations, iCloud or DropBox, however, since LogTen is not connected to those services anymore the restore functionality no longer works.
These backups can be exported via email, or deleted. If you need to restore from a legacy backup please contact the support team.

How do I restore a Legacy Backup?

With the new architecture of Logten 'Lightning', you cannot restore directly within LogTen. If you need help accessing the data in these Backups please contact our Support team.

Can I still use iCloud Backup or Dropbox Backup?

The process of upgrading your logbook to be linked to your account makes it incompatible with the previous methods of creating backups. It is certainly possible to create new backups, but they will not be stored in iCloud or Dropbox, instead, they will be linked to your account, and available from any device.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact our support team at support.coradine.com or in LogTen at Help > Contact Support.

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