With widgets, you get customized LogTen information at a glance!

See your next flight, verify your Limits/Currencies/Certificates, or monitor specific Smart Groups all from your Home Screen. If you need to go into the app, use each widget for one-click access directly into that area of LogTen. For example, you can click the Next Flight widget to take you directly to that flight in LogTen with a single click.

LogTen has four different widgets to choose from:


Next Flight Plan Plan Overview Smart Group


You can choose to display 1 widget or any combination of all 4 widgets. Below, we will go into the details of each widget and its customization options.

Adding widgets

The basics of adding, moving, editing, stacking, or removing widgets are universal on all Apple devices. To learn more about widget basics, please see Apple's widget articles for iPhone here and iPad here.

To add a widget:

  • Swipe all the way to the right on your Home Screen to show the Today View.
  • Touch and hold a widget or an empty area until the apps jiggle.
  • Tap the Add button Gray add button in the upper corner.
  • Scroll down and select LogTen, choose from four widgets, then tap Add Widget.

Note: If you recently just updated LogTen to 2021.1 then it is recommended to completely close the app and then restart LogTen and leave it running in the background while you follow the steps above.

Next Flight widget

As the name implies, this widget will display the next flight scheduled in your logbook. Next Flight is a non-editable widget that will display the Date, City Pair, and Scheduled Times of the upcoming flight. It will also countdown the time to departure. Tapping the widget will automatically open LogTen and take you to the details page of the shown flight in your logbook. 


Add a New Flight directly from the widget!

If there are no upcoming flights in your logbook, this widget will display, "No upcoming entries in your logbook". There will also be a New Flight link. Tapping New Flight will automatically open LogTen to a new flight entry in which you can immediately start entering new flight details.

Plan widget

The Plan widget is an editable widget that allows you to display Limit, Currency, or Certificate group status individually. By long-pressing on this widget, you can edit it to display Limit, Currency, or Certificate.



Whatever Radar Type you choose, the widget will check the status of that group in your logbook and display one of three messages:

  • All Good (green)
  • Caution (yellow)
  • Alert (red)

The status messages and associated colors reflect the color thresholds which are set for the group in LogTen. See this article to edit the color thresholds.

Can't Decide which Radar Type to choose? Choose all Three!

If you want to see more than one of the edit options, such as Limit and Currency, you can add this widget to your home screen two or three times. Then select a different widget option for each. 


In the above example, you can see the Plan widget has been added 3 times and each one is showing a different edit option.

Plan Overview widget

Plan Overview is a non-editable widget that shows the Radar Types of the Plan widget, combined into one large widget. Using this widget you can check the status of your entire Radar/Plan tab of LogTen at a glance. It will provide a basic "All Good", "Caution", or "Alert" status. It will not give individual alert details as the Plan widget provides.



Since this widget is larger in size it cannot be stacked with the other three LogTen widgets. But you can stack it with other app widgets of similar size. 

Smart Group widget

This is an editable widget that allows you to keep track of any Smart Group in your logbook. Once added you can long-press on the widget to **Edit Widget** and select any Smart Group you have created to display. 





In the above example, you can see the steps used to change a Turbine smart group to a PIC Night group.

Can't Decide which Smart Group to display? Choose as many as you want!

If you want to see more than one of the edit options, such as PIC Night and Turbine, you can add this widget to your home screen two or more times. Then select a different widget option for each. 

Stacking widgets

Widgets by themselves are useful tools, but by stacking them there is no limit to the variety of ways you can cater them to fit your needs. Stacking is the act of dropping a widget into another widget, which creates a single scrollable widget.


All widgets of the same size can be stacked. Regardless of whether it is a LogTen widget or not. So all three of the LogTen widgets which are square in size can be stacked, which each other, or other app widgets of similar size.

While the LogTen Plan Overview widget is not stackable with the other LogTen widgets, it is stackable with other application widgets of the same size.

Stack the small LogTen widgets with other apps:


Stack the large LogTen widget with other large widgets:


Happy Stacking!

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