How to prevent our emails from being blocked

We have had an influx of reports of users with Gmail inboxes not receiving our replies. This appears to be happening on Gmails' end and the fix to this is as simple as setting up a filter to your Inbox! 

To do this follow these steps!: 

  1. Go to your Gmail and select this button on the search bar: Screenshot_2023-02-14_at_1.39.33_PM.png
  2. Enter "" in the "From" field and select "Create Filter". Screenshot_2023-02-14_at_1.37.50_PM.png
  3. Check box to never mark as spam, I also recommend doing this for the emails that already exist as well, and select "Create Filter". Screenshot_2023-02-14_at_1.38.53_PM.png

After making this change, the emails should be going to your inbox! 


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